If you're in the market for a new car, but are trying to hold out until the new Tesla Model 3, you might want to reconsider. Toyota's new 2017 Prius Prime is soon to hit the market and give Tesla a run for their money. With comparable features, a more affordable vehicle, and a longer overall distance, the Prius Prime tends to take the cake. However, that doesn't mean the Tesla Model 3 is not an incredible car in its own right.

Comparing the features

Let's start the most obvious way: by comparing the features each vehicle has to offer. The Prius Prime offers a 965 kilometer overall driving range. Compared to Tesla's 346 kilometers, the Prius is starting to look pretty good. But at the same time, the Tesla Model 3 drives the same distance in electric mode, while the Prius can only travel for 35 kilometers in the all-electric setting. While the fuel efficiency of the Prius is very nice, the Tesla doesn't require fuel. 

The Prius Prime has an estimated total driving range of 640 miles, the Tesla 3's total driving range is only 220 miles since it relies solely on electricity.
How the Prius is a better financial decision

On the one hand, you have this really expensive but very nice electric car that will be great for the environment and, on the other, you have a less expensive, part electric car that gets amazing gas mileage; how are you ever to decide? The Tesla Model 3 does offer a lot of features, however, the price is enough to send several people to the arms of their local Toyota dealer. The Prius is a good, safe car large enough for a family that offers great gas mileage and the option of using it as an 

electric car. The Prius Prime also costs considerably less, make it a little more within the confines of the average person's budget, while still saving them money on gas and being better for the environment than a gas guzzler.

The Prius Prime has a significantly smaller starting price tag than the Tesla Model 3 with a starting MSRP of $27,100

If you're in the market to buy a new, fuel efficient vehicle, look no farther than the Toyota Prius Prime. It may seem like a good idea to wait out the Tesla Model 3, but the Prius is a quality car that offers low gas mileage and comes at a lower price, making it more easily attainable for the average family. Plus, when buying a Toyota, you know you're getting a safely made and durable vehicle that will last you for years to come at an affordable price. Don't waste your money on a Tesla 3 when most of the features are too similar to ignore

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