Get Approved for an Auto Loan in 2-minutes!
Our Pre-Approval Process is Fast and Easy.

Our Experience
The I-5 Auto Credit Team has been helping people in Western Washington buy cars since 2003. Our experts specialize in helping people with less than perfect credit get APPROVED to buy to buy a quality vehicle through the I-5 Auto Group. Our vast inventory gives you access to hundreds of new and used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. With so many dealerships, our inventory is constantly changing, and we have the ability to find the perfect financing and vehicle options for your needs.

Guaranteed Credit Approval in WA
Our Credit Acceptance Program allows us to provide you with a written credit approval for ANY pre-owned vehicle in stock. You can pick the vehicle, and we can show you what it takes to drive it home. Guaranteed Credit Approval means that we have the ability to help you buy a car, even if you have been turned down at other dealers.

We do most of the work before you even come in to the dealership. You will know before you come see us that you can buy a vehicle and drive it home. Our process saves you time, and is much less frustrating than other dealerships, that simply want to get you in the door. The first step is to start the approval process by clicking the link above, or calling one of the I-5 Auto Credit offices.

What to Expect
When you come in for your confidential appointment, we will double check your loan documents, and then filter through all of our dealerships' inventory to find all the vehicles that meet your needs and that you are approved to buy. Why waste your time looking at cars that simply will not work for your loan or with your down payment? Our process takes the guess work and frustration out of picking a new vehicle. We make it easy! Having bad credit doesn't mean you have to buy a bad car. Most people are surprised by how many great vehicles work for their financing.

Buying a Car After Bankruptcy
I-5 Auto Credit has helped thousands of people with bankruptcies buy quality vehicles. You can buy a car even if your bankruptcy is not discharged yet. We help people get approved to buy a car in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy by securing a bankruptcy auto loan to buy a great vehicle and rebuild credit.

If you have been forced to file bankruptcy, give us the opportunity to show you that you can still buy a great vehicle. I-5 AutoCredit has auto loan programs that allow many of our clients in open bankruptcies to buy vehicles with little or no down payment.

Auto Loans to Rebuild Credit
The fastest method to improve a low credit score is to make payments on time with an auto loan or other major installment loan. The new loan puts new, on time payments on your credit. If you follow our formula for success, your credit will be back where it belongs in no time!